Why You Need Airplane Belt Extender

If you’re tired of asking flight attendants for a seat belt extender, worried that the crew may run out of belt extensions and wish you could bring your own extender to save the hassle and embarrassment, then here is the perfect product for you.

The Type A Airplane Seat Belt Extender fits on a wide variety of airlines and will lead to a hassle and stress-free flying experience. If you are flying Southwest, please try the Type B Airplane Extender.

This extender comes with a carrying case for discretion and easy transportation as well as an owner’s card to prove that it belongs to you. It is adjustable and can add between 7″ and 24″ of length to the existing seat belt.
This Airplane Extender is made in accordance with all applicable FAA regulations.

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Popular Airplane Belt Products

  • High Strength Aluminium Buckle Airplane Belt Extender (Type A)

    $ 46.93/pc

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  • FAA Approved – Airplane Seat Belt Extender 2-Pack – FITS ALL AIRLINES (Type A + B)


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  • Black Buckle Aluminium Airplane Seat Belt Extender (Type A)

    $ 49.99/pc

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  • Southwest Airplane Belt Extender (Type B)

    $ 45.00/pc

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